In 2020, Social Media Marketing Shouldn’t Be About “Selling”

adult-apple-device-beautiful-black-girl-1181497This year has gotten off to a rough start.

With the CDC recommending social distancing and many businesses temporarily shuttering their doors in an effort to slow down the spread of COVID-19, many people are choosing to self-isolate even before coming in contact with the virus.

This increased isolation has psychological effects that people are having to deal with.

In an effort to virtually connect with other people and alleviate boredom, more people are turning to social media to pass the time. This happened in China and a new study found that we are starting to see similar trends in the United States.

That means, now might be the time to connect with your potential customers on social networking sites.

Focus on Entertaining and Informing, Not “Selling”

While people are now turning to social media to pass the time, they’re also feeling the financial pressures that result from a loss of work.

If you try to sell to customers on social networking sites while we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, your brand might look out-of-touch with reality.

You potential customers might just ignore your communication. Or worse, if you try to sell your products or services at the wrong time your online messages might have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation.

That’s why your brand should focus on entertaining and informing, not selling.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that influencer agency Obviously has started a community initiative that they call #ObviouslyGood.

As the article on the Campaign US website points out, “Community is more important than ever, and social media is a powerful tool in building and maintaining our connections,” said Mae Karwowski, founder and CEO of Obviously. “It’s really important to us in these times that we help combat misinformation on social media.”

“We wanted to give our influencers new tools to positively engage with their audiences and make sure they’re being responsible and factual at the same time. #ObviouslyGood is a new way for influencers of all sizes to help make their communities stronger with factual and timely information from trusted sources.”

This trust will go a long way after the pandemic ends.

Likewise, now might be a good time for brands to find ways to entertain potential customers.

With all the stress people are under these days, it might be a welcome distraction.

However, entertaining customers during the pandemic might be a little more difficult to do. Brands will need to find ways to lighten the mood without making light of the situation.

Those brands that can find the right voice and entertain without offending will most likely be remembered long after the pandemic ends.

An occasional post that attempts to sell your product or service could be okay. But the better move is to be there for your customers when they are looking for a way to cure their boredom or when they are looking for accurate information online.

Once the pandemic is over, your brand can resume business as usual. However, now is the time to think of the big picture.

As the CBS PSA reminds us, “We’re all in this together.”



Photo credit: Christina Morillo on Pexels.

Video credit: hollywoodstreams on YouTube.

Chad Thiele

Chad Thiele

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