Facebook Ads Can Be Highly Effective

Even before Facebook went public on May 18, 2012, people were questioning what value Facebook offered to the business community.

Since going public, Facebook has been under even more scrutiny.

In particular, people have questioned the effectiveness of Facebook advertising.

While many of the critiques have merit, particularly when you are looking at the revenue potential of Facebook, as a whole, that doesn’t mean that your business should ignore Facebook when you are trying to determine where to invest your adverting dollars.

In fact, when used correctly, Facebook advertising can be highly effective.

The question is: What do you need to do to effectively use Facebook to advertise your products or services?

Killer Facebook Ads

When looking to answer that question, a good place to start is with the CEO of aimClear, Marty Weintraub.

In his book, “Killer Facebook Ads: Master Cutting-Edge Facebook Advertising Techniques,” (affiliate link) Weintraub gives detailed advice that covers everything from setting KPIs to launching Facebook ad campaigns and analyzing the results. Examples are also provided to add clarity.

As he points out in the book, every step of the process is important if you want to set up a successful Facebook ad campaign.

Furthermore, Weintraub addresses some of the criticisms that people have when it comes to Facebook advertising.

For example, Weintraub states, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard from people that Facebook ads don’t work…yet their landing page is terrible. If you care about conversion, landing pages can make Facebook ads look either really effective or really terrible.”

And, as to the concern that some marketers have about Facebook ads low click-through rates (CTR), Weintraub mentions, “In reality, not that many FB impressions result in clicks. It’s just that the impression count is so massive that even a very low CTR, as compared to search, can result droves of traffic.”


In an effort to meet the informational needs of investors, analysts have put Facebook under the microscope.

While Facebook advertising, in general, might not be as effective as other advertising techniques when certain KPIs are used to measure the success of the advertising campaign, that doesn’t mean that Facebook ads are a complete waste of time.

It might be the case that businesses haven’t learned how to align the way that their Facebook advertising campaigns are set up to their business goals or that the average business doesn’t take all the steps necessary to create a successful Facebook ad campaign.

If you want to get valuable insights on how to create successful Facebook advertising campaigns, you should start by tapping into the knowledge that Marty Weintraub has to offer.

The recommendations and advice that he gives in his book would take years to learn by yourself.

As I mentioned in the review of the book that I posted on Amazon.com, “Marty Knows Facebook Ads.”

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Chad Thiele

Chad Thiele

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