Never Stop Questioning the Answers

Maybe it’s my market research background. Or, maybe it’s just something that I have learned from experience.

No matter where it’s coming from, I think that one of the most important things to remember is to always evaluate the way that you are doing things and verify that there isn’t a better way to accomplish whatever it is that you have set out to do.

In the online marketing world, it is highly suggested that you continually test to see if even a slight change might yield better results. This means testing everything from the call to action to the color of the landing page to the time of day that the ad is run.

Sometimes the things that work best are the exact opposite of what you would expect.

This holds true in other areas of business, as well. For example, does the packaging that your product is sold in have a positive or negative effect on sales? Or, does the new dress code policy have a positive or negative effect on employee morale?

This concept can even be applied to your personal life.

Keep in mind, I’m not arguing that constantly changing things will yield better results. Sometimes doing things the way that you have always done them is the best way to do it. (Coca-Cola learned this lesson in the mid-1980’s when it introduced New Coke, only to reintroduce Coca-Cola Classic 77 days later.)

What I am saying is that you should always think things through and test and measure the results to see what works best.

In other words, never stop questioning the answers.

Photo credit: mikecogh on Flickr.

Chad Thiele

Chad Thiele

Marketing analyst and strategist, content curator, applied sociologist, proud UW-Madison alumnus, and an Auburn-trained mobile marketer. My goal is to help businesses identify trends that will help them achieve their marketing objectives and business goals. I'm currently looking for my next career challenge. Please feel free to contact me anytime at: